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The Story Corner - About Us

Do you wonder where your imagination went? At some point between childhood and this thing we call being an adult, that ability to be creative and build fantasy worlds disappears. As parents we yearn for the time we could forget about the everyday world and simply immerse ourselves in childish play. The Story Corner seeks to reconnect adults with their children - allowing both adult and child to share in the excitement, fun and creativity of imaginative play. It is about finding your inner child and letting them out - at least for a little while.

The Story Corner is my way of expressing and sharing the stories of my childhood. I was lucky to live an imaginative life. Whole days with my sister, creating new worlds and fantastical beings - all duly written down in one of my many notebooks. As my children were born, I was drawn back to those notebooks and their half written or fully expressed stories. Words, drawings, quotations - they all fuelled our fun and now, they can fuel yours.

If you have ever struggled to make up a bedtime story, or found it hard to play with your child in a way that inspires them, you will understand my frustrations. Rediscovering my imagination was going to take some help. This is when the idea for The Story Corner took shape. I needed inspiration - a tool I could turn to when ideas dried up and my children wanted more!

I enlisted the help of some talented artists to create sets of playtime story cards that can spark an idea or build a storyboard. Necessity is the mother of invention and my story cards were the product of my need to be creative with my children as an adult. Together we can go to new lands, sail the oceans, rule a faraway city or have battles with dragons. While they play, they learn. I was able to combine my love of creative play with my focus on the educational needs of children.

We have now developed a number of creative and educational items that are all unique and designed with children in mind. Story cards, calendars, playmats and colouring in are all designed by true artisans who have managed to hold onto that spark of imagination and turn it into their career. Our range is always growing and is inspired by the children who play with them - they are always teaching me and I am ready to learn.

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