Quokka Kids Dinosaur Bath Toy Organiser


Our multi-functional bath toy organiser will keep your bathroom clutter-free and give your kids a new bathtime buddy! This cute dinosaur character is is designed to be a fantastic storage place for bath toys. The handy net is big enough for all your bathtime favourites and still easy for little hands to use. The netting allows the toys to drip dry, keeping them mould free and ready for the next day. Best of all, your kids can learn about the importance of clearing up after their bath with the help of a new pal.


Simply attach the Dinosaur Bath Toy Organiser to the side of the bath or to the tiling using the strong suction hooks. It can be easily removed if needed and then hung to dry. The friendly character will make hair washing fun again and your kids will be happy when bath time comes around again! No more bathtime tears!


  • Drip dry, mould and mildew restistant material
  • Large netting bag
  • Friendly and cute design
  • Strong suction hooks



Quokka Kids Dinosaur Bath Toy Organiser - make bath time fun again with your kid’s new best friend

Yes, we know! Bath time can be stressful for both parents and children. The kids might not enjoy having their hair washed, Mum and Dad might have had a long day and everyone just wants it over and done with…. Well, not any more. Our Dinosaur bath toy is designed to make bath time fun again and best of all it offers a way to keep all that clutter neat and tidy.



Multifunctional: both fun and practical


The Quokka Kids Dinosaur Bath Toy offers a large netting storage for bath toys. The fun character is perfect for children to make friends with, while the large netting bag is great for storage of everything from foam alphabets to rubber duckies.Or use it as a shower caddy for all of your soaps and shampoos.

It has two large suction hooks so you can simply hang it out of the way and tidy away all those wet toys too. The netting allows everything to easily drip dry - keeping it mould free and ready for tomorrow's fun bathtime. Never again will you need to worry about slimy, mouldy bath toys that often end up in the bin.


Keep kids entertained and teach them too


The fun and friendly character is also great for water babies and can be used for keeping kids focused - even during the horrible hair washing bit! Best of all, when the time comes to get on those pyjamas, toys can be quickly tidied away and kids will happily help out. The large net holds many toys and yet is easy for little hands to reach into. Teaching your children about being organised and tidy is a lifelong skill that starts when they are just little.

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So get in quick to get this fun and friendly Dinosaur for your bathtime. All you need to do is to think of a suitable name!



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