It's a tense day down at nursery rhyme central - Little Bow Peep has lost her sheep, Jack and Jill are falling down the hill and Ladybug has sparked a fierce fire in her home. Luckily however, whilst all of this madness is occurring, there's plenty of pleasantness to make up for it - such as Humpty Dumpty being in one piece (phew!), children happily dancing a Ring a Ring o' Roses....which is all topped off by the sun having his hat firmly on his head.

There's never a dull day in the land of nursery rhymes and within this poster each of the stories of almost every character in existence has been brought to life. Through clean lines and a fair amount of detailed illustration this single image is enough to keep people captivated - from the young who are getting to know their nursery rhyme characters, to the old, who will take joy in checking off each character from their childhood. 

Available in 2 sizes. The A1 is great for group activities, and the A2 is ideal for individual or shared colouring. For bright, engaging days in nursery rhyme land where the sun is always shining, whilst back in the real world it may be raining cats and dogs. 

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