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Space Adventure Story Cards

  • For older primary children, secondary children and care-givers
  •  Illustrated by Canadian Artist Annie Wilkinson
  • Comes with a guide packed full of ideas for shared story making
  • All cards made in UK and have passed CE testing

Product description

Creative thinking is just one of the ways in which our children's development is enhanced. With these story cards you can spend quality time with your little ones as you venture out of this world and into space. 

Illustrated by the talented Annie, these cards, which can be used in any order, will set the scene for a multitude of  extra-terrestrial adventures.  Ideal for keeping story time fresh, interesting and interactive.

They are ideal for use in both a one-to-one setting, as well as within the communal setting of a childcare establishment or primary school classroom.

These cards are certain to grab and hold children's attention  – venturing into unchartered territories where black holes and alien worlds become their playground. 


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