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Large area for fun-filled playtimes (100 cm x 150 cm)

  • Crafted from durable man-made fibres
  • Mat depicts each of the planets, as well as dwarf planets, in the solar system
  • Perfect for imaginary play
  • Illustrated by UK artist Emma Allen and made in Yorkshire
  • CE certified 


Product description

Space serves as an inherently fascinating subject for the minds of children, and with our Space Play mat little ones may be launched into orbit as they explore our solar system, learning as they play, about the planets that make up the extra-terrestrial world around us.

Whilst every single planet is depicted (alongside the various dwarf planets) this superbly illustrated item adds in the odd UFO or two for good measure (after all, what child doesn’t adore the idea of alien lifeforms?). This is an item where the real world and the imaginative one collide – where learning takes place through play, whilst imaginations are set free from the confines of the real world.

This mat may also be paired with a wealth of small figures, such as rocket ships and UFO toys (not included), for playtimes that become even more fun-filled and engaging.

The quality of the illustrations upon this mat are equaled by the quality of craftsmanship in its construction. With this mat even the most enthusiastic of playtimes can be accommodated with ease, with a durability that stands the test of time year after year.

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